Deckard's Home
Frederator Blog deckard's kitchen colored
Type Residence
Owner Deckard and/or Cass
Address 1806 Peach Loop Apt. 101

Ship Isle

First episode "Food"
Latest episode "Donut"
Times 5

Apartment 101 is the house in which Deckard and his sister, Cass Wizard, reside. The address is 1806 Peach Loop Apt. #101.


Deckard, Cass, and their siblings live there together.


When you first walk in, the room has a 'space wizard' type of theme.This is assuming to be the living room. The walls are purple. Furniture like mats, curtains, or chairs have stars and planets. Paintings with rich frames are also scattered around the walls, with pictures consisting of wizards, unicorns, dragons, and owls. Also in a side room there are sea green couches and blue pillows. The kitchen looks average, with brown cabinets, purple stools, and a couple of house plants. Each room of the house at least has one plant. The kitchen also has many cooking supplies, this may be because Deckard is a prep cook.

The bathroom is a baby blue color, with moons and star stickers on the shower. There are several house plants in the bathroom too. There is a embroidered purple sign on the door reading "Bless this mess."

Deckard's bedroom is filled with many house plants. There are blue striped walls and red mystical gems decorating the room. His bed has diamonds which seem to be floating, and the mat underneath has a diamond pattern with moons on it. The bedroom also has a small closet with no door and blue curtains around it, with his clothes, some drawers and other things inside. There is also a stack of books beside a shelf filled with various potted plants and a window above his bed.