Transcript This is a transcribed copy for the episode "Bee and PuppyCat Part 2." Feel free to edit or add to this page as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Scene Black Dimension.
Bee Whaaaaaaaat-Theeeeeeee
Temp-Bot Incoming.
Bee Whyyyyyyy?
Temp-Bot Welcome, PuppyCat. You look different. And hello, unrecognized intruder. Unfortunately, due to increased security measures, you must now be incinerated.
Bee Uh, Whoa!
PuppyCat Wait, it's okay. She' guest.
Bee Hey, you talk! Kinda...
Temp-Bot Oh! Like a trainee shadow? Welcome! Initiating uniform assignment.
Bee Uhh...No, No, No, No,Nooo!I don't like this outfit!
Temp-Bot Please proceed to Fishbowl Space. Aaahhhh...
Scene Fishbowl Space.
Temp-Bot Aaahh...Bleaugh! Let me know when you're done.
Bee Um, what are we doing?
PuppyCat In Fishbowl Space we babysit Wallace. *Sees Wallace* Hi, Wallace.
Bee Hi, Wallace! What's wrong?
Wallace I miss my mama.
PuppyCat He always misses his mama.
Wallace She's been gone forever!
Bee Aww.
PuppyCat She's only been gone for 2 minutes. She will probably be back in 10 minutes.
Bee Do you want something to drink?
Wallace N-no thank you.
Bee You want a snack?
Wallace No.
Bee You wanna nap?
Wallace No...
Bee He's so sad...
PuppyCat Don't cry, Wallace.
Wallace Can I have a story?
PuppyCat GAAAHH.
(See PuppyCat's Fairy Tale.)
Wallace And then what?
PuppyCat That's it.
Wallace That's your ending? That's awful! And very interesting...
Bee Waahh!
Monster I knew it was you, pretending it's just a fairy tale, lying to children, making them look up to a hero—
Bee Uh...
Monster —who in reality is just an awful monster.
Bee Aw, sick!
Monster *Uses tongue to lash out and grab PuppyCat*
PuppyCat Don't touch me!
Bee PuppyCat!Let him go!*summons sword*
PuppyCat Bee!
Bee I'mma kill you!A-lalalalalalalala! *bites the monster's tongue*
Monster [roars]
PuppyCat AW SIIICK! Use the sword! USE THE SWORD AS A SWORD!
Bee Don't tell me what to doo~oo-Wah wah wah *bites off monster's tongue*
Monster [roars]
PuppyCat Pick me up.
Bee Ok...
PuppyCat Now cock my tail.
Bee Why, what's that gonna do? Whatever.
(PuppyCat's laser beam destroys the monster.)
Bee Guagh! Whoa, jeez! Hey, was that story you told that fish true? Oh, did you forget how to talk again?
Scene Bee's apartment.
Bee Wah! Oof. Oh my God, I am so glad there wasn't anything sharp on my couch. Whoo!
(Money falls from the other dimension.)
Bee Ugh. Wow! Hey, ca-ash!
(PuppyCat gives money to Bee.)
Bee Oh, thank you! And thanks for not letting Temp-Bot burn me up. I think I'm gonna use my money to get Deckard a casserole since he bought me a casserole. Whatcha using your money for?
(PuppyCat goes to the windowsill.)
Bee Oh, ignoring me again? Fine. I liked your fairy tale, PuppyCat. If you want, I can help you figure out a nice ending. *Turns of the lights*