Donut Planet
Donut Planet arms
Type Dimension
Owner Moully's boss
Employees Moully
First episode ""Donut""
Times 1
Donut Planet is a dimension that appears in "Donut".


It is a donut-shaped planet with a black hole in the center. It is never named in the show.


The planet is used as a bakery. Moully makes donuts here and sends them through the black hole. The planet was destroyed after Deckard sent his donut through the black hole.

Bathroom Planet

Donut planet is very close to Bathroom Planet, which is only referred to in the show as "the next planet over". At the beginning of "Donut," Moully's boss desperately needs to go but doesn't because he doesn't trust Moully to be alone. He goes when Bee and Deckard show up to look after him.

Bathroom Planet

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