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Bee and Puppycat - Where Jellyfish Come From Song

Bee and Puppycat - Where Jellyfish Come From Song

"Lonely" (aka "The Jellyfish Song") is a song played in "Dogs." It describes the story of an octopus and a princess, and it explains how jellyfish were made. It has an animation, and an unknown silent narrator. The narrator is presumed to be Cardamon.

The story is about a lost princess, who is far away from home. An octopus sees her and falls in love with her long hair. He agrees to take her home, and when she is safely home and they have to be parted, she cuts off her hair and ties it into the shape of an octopus, giving it to her new friend so he won't be lonely. The octopus was happy, until the ribbon holding the hair together comes undone. Trying to grab all the hair, the octopus unintentionally ties himself into knots. He strains to grab one more piece and bursts. The chunks of the octopus combine with the hair and come back to life as jellyfish.


She was away from home and lost in the night

Her place was far too far away to find

He was alone and happy to see someone new

He said it's nice to spend the night with you

Nobody told me it would be lonely

Maybe we're going where we're supposed to be

He said come with me I'll take you back

Even though it will surely make me sad

She said maybe we'll be together soon

Remember me and take all this with you

Nobody told me it would be lonely

Where are we going feels like I'm floating

He wasn't scared, he was terrified

He was alone

He was sure he was gonna die alone

He felt a tear and he multiplied

He let go and it felt

Kinda like he was going home


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