I don't sleep. I spend all day making them. I put all my hopes and dreams into them. And I wait until someone on the other side of the black wish hole wants one. Sometimes they give me a thank-you gift, and sometimes they don't..
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Nilesy (Liam MacKay)

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Ditter Ruíz

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Moully is a cat-like creature from Donut. Moully makes donuts on an unnamed planet, and gives them away through a black hole. They are voiced by Nilesy.


Moully appears in the episode "Donut". He works for an unnamed character making donuts on Donut Planet. Bee and Deckard are assigned to watch him, as he is "crazy". Moully makes donuts with Deckard, and offers to help Bee. He explains how they are sent through the black hole and made with all his hopes and dreams, and when people want one he gives it to them. Sometimes they give Moully gifts, sometimes they don't. Moully accidentally impales his finger with a shard of crystal, so Bee helps him bandage it. Deckard finishes his donut, and wants to send it out. Moully helps him put it into the black hole, and instead of sending the donut, the black hole retaliates and starts to attack them. He tries to save Bee and Deckard, but ends up getting pulled into the black hole. Before he gets entirely pulled in, he thanks Bee. He disappears, and the black hole continues to destroy the planet. Later his boss comes back and panics, getting extremely upset about the damage and assumes Moully did it. Moully is revealed to be alive in a transcript for Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space. [1]

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Moully appears to be a giant white cat-like creature, with flower symbols and triangles decorating his skin. He has purple blood. When he blushes, his markings become more prominent.


  • In the Spanish Dub, Moully's name is Mui, which is a reworking of the name so that it sounds the same in Spanish as in English.

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