Season 1, Episode 7
Toast Dogs Wedding Donut
Production information
Production code
Premiere date November 28, 2016
Story by
Written by Natasha Allegri
Madeleine Flores
Frank Gibson
Storyboards by Natasha Allegri
Lamar Abrams
Directed by Larry Leichliter
"Toast" is the first episode of the four-part season finale of Bee and PuppyCat. It is followed by "Dogs."


Rent is due! An old wrestling acquaintance comes to visit Cass.


Bee and PuppyCat are asleep on the couch when Bee's phone wakes them up. The alert on her phone says, "Rent Due!"

Cass is in her bedroom working on her coding when her wall clock alerts her: "Rent Due!"

Deckard is in the kitchen making a dish that looks like PuppyCat. When he hears Cass calling him, he goes into her room. Cass asks him to deliver their rent check so she can finish up her coding. Deckard asks Cass if she likes coding, but she dodges the question by saying that she's good at it and she likes money. She tells him to go pay rent and to drop off his Cooking Prince Academy acceptance letter, which she hands to him. Deckard asks her why she filled it out for him knowing that he was unsure if he was actually going or not. She doesn't answer.

Toast and Cass

Toast and Cass

Toast bursts in through the wall of Cass's bedroom. Cass falls out of her chair, then stands up. Cass and Deckard exchange a glance before Cass gives Toast a slow and confused greeting, obviously having forgotten her name. Toast exasperatedly says her name. Cass gives a hesitant, hollow apology. Toast picks up Cass's mattress and hurls it at Deckard, smashing Deckard against the opposite wall. Toast explains to Deckard that Cass was the lowest ranked wrestler in their Women's Wrestling Cup. Deckard says to Cass he thought she was ranked 12th. She confirms, 12th out of 12. Toast explains that she was ranked 11th, "Safely not worst." Cass has a moment of recollection. Cass and Deckard begin to giggle, which irks Toast. Toast then explains that when Cass left the cup, Toast then became the lowest ranked wrestler. Toast begins to cry as she confesses that all she ever wanted was to be the strongest. Cass and Deckard start to feel bad. Toast continues her story, saying that she went bar-hopping, learning wild man fighting techniques from drunks.

At this point, we see that an old man with his small dog has walked into Cass's room through the hole in the wall that Toast made, sat down on Cass's bed frame, and fallen asleep sitting up. Cass pushes Toast back outside through the hole in the wall and tells the old man to leave.

Toast reenters the room creating a new hole in the wall and begins to wrestle Cass. The old man's dog, named Omelette, watches the girls fight. His inner speech reveals his schadenfreude. He bites and rips his own leash, letting himself free. Cass tries to return to her coding, but Toast is making it impossible.

Deckard backs out of the room through the hole in the wall. Omelette runs out through the same hole.

Docile Nature


Bee and PuppyCat are leaving their home as Bee professes her excitement for paying rent on time, which she rarely does. PuppyCat struggles to walk down the stairs but succeeds, after which Bee picks him up. Deckard runs around the corner frantically and begins to push Bee in the direction of his running. Bee makes conversation while Deckard, out of breath, tries to answer her questions simply. Omelette runs after them barking.

Omelette leaps into Bee's hair and begins chewing on it. PuppyCat jumps up and slaps Omelette into the snow. Bee scolds him for hitting, then picks up the dog and puts him back in her hair, where he continues to chew ruthlessly. PuppyCat facepalms. The crow in a nest in the nearby tree wakes up and flies into Bee's hair while screeching loudly. Omelette let's go of Bee's hair to bite the bird instead. He jumps down with the bird in his mouth.

Omelette inner commentary resumes, revealing that he is letting go of his false docile nature to awaken his true bloodlust. The crow enters Omelette's mind. Bonded by their mutual desire for destruction, Omelette runs away with the crow in his mouth, ready to ruin everyone's good time.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters


Credits for Toast Dogs Wedding Donut

Cast [1]

Bee: Allyn Rachel 

Cardamon: Alexander Rodriguez

Deckard: Kent Osborne

Temp Bot: Joan Koplan

Crow: Natasha Allegri

Host: Patrick Seery

Omelette: Arin Hanson

Pretty Patrick: Patrick Seery


  • Created By: Natasha Allegri
  • Written By: Natasha Allegri Madeleine Flores Frank Gibson Vera Brosgol Efrain Farias
  • Directed By: Larry Leichliter
  • Storyboard By: Vera Brosgol Natasha Allegri Efrain Farias
  • Art Director: Efrain Farias
  • Character Designers: Becky Dreistadt 
  • Char/Prop/EFX Cleanup: Hans Tseng
  • Prop/EFX Designers: Zachary Sterling Hans Tseng
  • Char/Prop/EFX Clean Up: Cory Holmes
  • Background Design: Hans Tseng
  • Background Painter: Hans Tseng, Mira Lark Crowell
  • Asssistant Background Painter: Nichols Maniquis
  • Storyboard Revisions: Hans Tseng
  • Executive Producer: Fred Seibert
  • Producers: Kevin Kolde Eric Homan
  • Associate Producer: Sylvia Edwards
  • Production Manager: Stephen Worth
  • Post Production Coordinator: Lewis Foulke
  • Production Assistant: Ross Kolde
  • Casting Director: Meredith Lane, CSA
  • Editor: Ray Valenzuela
  • Animatic Editor: Logan McBeath
  • Voice Director: Meredith Layne
    Dialogue Recording: Salami Studios
    Dialogue Mixers: Giuliano Pizzulo
    Assistant Dialogue Mixer: Nico Garofolo
    Dialogue Editorial: Thomas J. Maydeck, C.A.S.
    Mark Mercado
    Post Production: Salami Studios
    Re-Recording Mixer: Thomas J. Maydeck, C.A.S.
    Sound Designer: Rick Hinson, M.P.S.E
    Sound Effects Editors: Rick Hinson, M.P.S.E
    Foley Mixer: Roberto Dominguez Alegria
    Foley Artist: Cynthia Merrill
    Bee & PuppyCat Theme Song
    Score By: Will Weisenfeld

BATHSmusic "Lonely" Song By: Brad Sucks Animation Services: OLM, Inc.
Key Animation: Yuji Ikeda, Shuji Tanaka, Hiromi Nakayama, Miyuki Sano, Ken Ishizuka

Secondary Animation: Chie Ohtsuki, Nakamura Production, D-motion, Anitas-Kobe, Studio Elle

Animation Checker: Yumi Abe

Animation: Hiromi Ito, Fujika Enomoto, Shiori Miyazaki, Saki Ebisawa, Kei Goda, Hiroko Suzuki, Aoi Yamagishi, Aya Takeno, Mai Toriyama, kiyomi Okuda, Arisa Kuzumoto, Dragon Prodaction, ZAENDO, Nakamura Production, Kino Production, Anime R

Finishing: Studio Elle
Cinematography OLM 2D
Colorist / Finishing Checker: Koji Ohtsuki
Filming Director: Tatsuki Yukiwaki
Art Department: Katsumi Takao
Art Department: OLM 3D

Production Staff
Production Manager: Ryosuke Sakurai
Production Desk: Tomoaki Kurimoto
Production Chief Assistant: Isamu Kikuchi
Production Assistant: Akihiro Kuji
Supervisor: Susumu Nakagawa

Executive Assistant (OLM, Inc.): Miho Matori
Producer (Sprite Animation Studios): Junichi Yanagihara


  • This episode was originally going to be called Toasted.
  • Toast is revealed to be one of Cass's rival at the Women's Wrestling Cup.


  • When Bee is grabbing the phone in two scenes, PuppyCat is doing different poses.
  • When PuppyCat is trying to go down the steps his right arm is big while the other one is small.




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